Where we work

Poverty Stoplight hubs & Special Projects

Types of Partnerships

What is a Poverty Stoplight Hub?

Each Poverty Stoplight Hub is a member of a global movement of organizations committed to poverty elimination. After being trained by Poverty Stoplight experts, Hubs identify partner organizations to use the Poverty Stoplight in exciting, innovative ways. By offering a practical tool for enabling partners to measure local communities against a common framework, Hubs catalyze a paradigm shift in examining poverty from the ground up. Their efforts prove that the toughest poverty challenges can be totally eliminated through behavior change at the individual level.

Hubs (which include businesses, organizations, associations, and government programs) use the Poverty Stoplight to empower clients; to make “visible” the invisible manifestations of poverty; to monitor and evaluate their programs; and to build external capacity.

What is a Special Project?

In some cases, we also work with partners on Special Projects. These partners may be organizations, businesses or governments that implement the Poverty Stoplight within their existing programs, without training other organizations to use the Poverty Stoplight. Unlike Hubs, Special Projects do not work to build external capacity but instead to empower clients, make “visible” the invisible manifestations of poverty, and to monitor and evaluate their programs.