How does the Poverty Stoplight work?

Changing reds and yellows into greens

There's an app for that!

Using an app on a phone, tablet or computer, families take a visual survey to produce a poverty map that allows them to see the details of their poverty on a dashboard. Families select images, categorized as red, yellow or green, that resemble their reality for each poverty indicator. Through its geo-tagging capabilities, the app then generates poverty maps for entire communities, allowing stakeholders to make targeted efforts and to better channel resources in a joint effort to eliminate poverty.

Join The Movement

Being part of the movement to eliminate poverty is a collaborative effort. Partners receive access to the visual survey and various training materials used to map multidimensional poverty in their communities.

Adapt The Indicators

The definition of poverty varies depending on location. Adapting indicators to make them relevant to the communities being evaluated is they key to successfully adopting the Poverty Stoplight.

Administer The Survey

Surveys can be performed using the Poverty Stoplight app on smartphones, tablets or computers. When the survey is finished, a clear picture of the families/poverty strengths and weaknesses is apparent.

Step 1

Once a plan has been created, the family begins to implement their specific plan to overcome poverty. The mentor provides opportunities and access to additional resources.

Step 2

Because every family is poor in its own way, every family and individual needs to address different aspects of their lives. Working with mentors, families develop a plan to move their survey results from red and yellow to green.

Progress Update

As the family continues to implement the plan they have made, mentors periodically visit them to assess the situation and encourage progress on families & life maps.

The Technology

The Poverty Stoplight offers several options to access the visual survey. Currently, partners have the option of using the Poverty Stoplight Platform, web survey or the mobile app.