Meet the Poverty Stoplight Coordinator: Mexico

Apr 30, 2018

Article by Poverty Stoplight

USEM Mexico is made up of more than 200 leaders, from more than 160 companies in Mexico, that together generate more than 300,000 jobs. 47% of these organizations belong to the service sector, 23% to manufacturing, 12% to commercial and 6% to technology and information.

USEM became a Poverty Stoplight Hub in 2017 and has administered more than 1,000 surveys to date.

Below you'll find a short interview with USEM's Poverty Stoplight Coordinator, Jose Ramon.


How long have you been at USEM and what is your role within the organization? José Ramón has been with the USEM for 11 years and is the General Director.

How will the Stoplight be implemented in your organization? The Poverty Stoplight will be promoted with all of our network of partners, leaders of companies, to put the tool into action with their staff.

How will it compliment your existing programs? USEM has a list of existing training tools that we'll be able to offer as one of many solutions to poverty.

What do you like most about the Stoplight and what benefits do you see that it could bring to USEM's work? That it seeks the common good and that each of the indicators has a solution. The great benefits that the tool will bring, is that it will be able to put into action the principles that we both enact at the USEM: common benefit, human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity, participation, universal destiny of the good.

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