Learning Opportunities for Partners and Allies

Feb 1, 2018

Article by Poverty Stoplight

The Poverty Stoplight team is pleased to announce the 2018 Webinar Series for partners and allies. In an effort to learn and grow together, the network will be united virtually through a series of events designed to promote community sharing and collaboration. These regular interactions will provide an opportunity for continual improvement and efficiency.

The seven upcoming webinars will connect Hubs, in-country partners and Special Projects worldwide for discussions on how to use the Poverty Stoplight to its best advantage. Here, partners can share solutions and receive support from Poverty Stoplight Headquarters. As a community of practice, time has been deliberately carved out throughout the year to convene this group of change-makers to solve challenges and foster innovation through collective thinking. These events will be instrumental in keeping the entire network informed of current activities at the Poverty Stoplight main office in Paraguay and around the world. Beyond highlighting announcements, this is an exciting opportunity to deepen the technical assistance provided by Headquarters to partners and to open channels of communication among partners to share the best practices and variety of approaches that are being implemented across continents.

As partners know, the Poverty Stoplight is used by a number of different sectors: agriculture, maternal health, industrial businesses, B Corps, social entrepreneurs, financial literacy, microfinance, job training programs, programs that address legal challenges, and many more. Each organization may have a slightly different strategy and point of entry for using the Poverty Stoplight, so the Poverty Stoplight team is looking forward to learning from every partner about their unique experiences using the Poverty Stoplight in their sector.

Ultimately, the goal is to leverage experiences and expertise from partners all across the globe to build a database of information that will take the Poverty Stoplight further than ever before. If YOU have a success story or educational experience to share, please email the team at info@povertystoplight.org to sign up as a webinar speaker.

Download the 2018 calendar of events below to learn about upcoming learning opportunities and register for the webinars!

Poverty Stoplight_2018 Webinar Series Calendar (2).pdf

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