Eliminate multidimensional poverty

Using mobile technology and social innovation to eliminate poverty for this generation.

What is the Poverty Stoplight?

The Poverty Stoplight is a social innovation that activates the potential of people to assess and eliminate poverty in their families and communities through a self-evaluation tech tool.


John found out about the Poverty Stoplight online and decided he wanted to get his family and community out of poverty.


He found a Poverty Stoplight hub near his community that administers the survey and completed the self-assessment with his family and the help of a field worker.


John shared the experience with his neighbors and they decided to take the self-assessment too.


After reviewing their strengths and deprivations, the community decided that access to clean water was their biggest priority and decided to work together with the Poverty Stoplight hub to find solutions.


By keeping their Poverty Stoplight dashboards, families were reminded of their strengths and motivated to keep working towards their priority, step by step.


After several months, John and his neighbors enjoy clean water in their homes.

Global poverty has been measured for decades. To finally eliminate it, families - regardless of their income - must be activated to become agents of change in their own lives.

By identifying their own areas of priority and making a “life map”, families can connect with the resources they need to address gaps and needs. Businesses, nonprofits and government programs that administer the survey may then use the data to inform their programming and connect families with solution-providers.


Our vision is a world without poverty where we all want to live.

Our mission is to activate the potential of individuals and families to eliminate multidimensional poverty through self- evaluation tools that allow the discovery of practical and innovative solutions.


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