Activate the potential of individuals and families to eliminate multidimensional poverty through self-evaluation tools that allow the discovery of practical and innovative solutions. 


Our vision is a world without poverty where we all want to live.


Watch the Poverty Stoplight in action!

Poverty Stoplight in South Africa

Poverty Stoplight in the U.K.

What is the Poverty Stoplight?


Change in behavior leads to Positive Influence

Families around the world often have not had the opportunity to analyze the various ways in which poverty manifests in their lives. 

The Poverty Stoplight, which is a metric and a methodology, works to identify and analyze the underlying causes of families’ poverty-related problems and to successfully motivate families to adopt the specific behaviors that will allow them to overcome their unique challenges.

To motivate and empower families to adopt vital behaviors, the Poverty Stoplight works to show families that making change is both “worth doing” and “within their ability”. 


The Poverty Stoplight collects visual data through an app that allows stakeholders to share information securely and create community, geo-referenced maps.

The Technology

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